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About Us

First started on Grooveshark as Instrumental FM, we continue to serve a rich collection of modern and classical composers, mixed with anime/movie/game soundtracks, sprinkled with covers, slow jazz, post-rock, celtic and ambient pieces.


Want to become a DJ? Join us on and play! Just remember:

1. No lyrics! Even in a different language

- There are only a few words
- It's choral
Also, make sure there's no outro with the artist speaking

2. No rock, electronic, hip-hop or big band jazz

- It isn't very fast and distracting
- You think it really fits our rotation
When in doubt, ask the moderators

3. No NSFW (not safe for work) content

4. Be polite in the chat

No spamming
No trolling
No self-advertising
No offensive usernames or pictures

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